Wooden box, wood grain leather The piano lacquer that bake panel 2.0speaker

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Product Description

Wooden box, wood grain leather
The piano lacquer that bake panel
6.5 "composite fiber glass basin bass unit
1 "silk membrane unit unwanted out-of-bandwidth harmonics
HI - FI crossover design

Product specifications

Rated power: RMS 40 w x 2
Frequency response: 40 hz - 20 KHZ
Signal to noise ratio: p 60 db
Degrees of separation: 40 db or more
Adjust way: knob
The bass unit: 4"
Alt unit: 2.75 "x 2
Body size: 200 wide (W) x 275 (H) x 385 mm deep (D)
Weight: 14.4 kg


It is improved on the basis of Focal1 optimization. The wood box structure design, effectively eliminate the resonant with the sound box. 6.5 -inch glass fiber POTS, 1 inch silk membrane treble unit, low frequency strong, high-frequency clear clarity. Total power output up to 80 w, power reserve is very abundant.
Bass unit adopt the compound fiber glass basin, 6.5 inch high quality on the function and bulletproof glass fiber cloth with similar features, quality is light, strong rigidity, which can effectively resist vibration and the impact of the surrounding air, the tone is more pure, more deep bass.
High frequency USES is the high cost of 1 inch silk membrane units, unwanted out-of-bandwidth harmonics and natural silk membrane with timbre round, timbre characteristic of clarity, to listen to more exquisite and soft.
Using high quality TDA7265IC TDA7294 is stmicroelectronics production level of a HIFI mono high power amplifier chip, more power, up to 50 w, power strong, quality superior.
Audio cables, input line adopt international standards of 3.5 mm of RCA cable, pure copper wire core 10 * 0.1 mm, inside with pure copper shielding net 25 * 0.08 mm, less interference signal transmission, stable performance, voice transmission more pure; Output line is also used 17 * 0.08 mm of pure copper core. The power cord 3 c standard, safe and reliable.
Sound box adopts the whole wooden box structure design, use high imitation wood grain leather surface, and the front panel of speakers has treated with black piano lacquer that bake, make speakers more upscale and elegant.

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